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What is an e-book? How does it work?
An e-book is a way to deliver helpful information to you quickly over the Internet. Instead of ordering a physical book from a bookstore, then waiting till it arrives, you purchase the book on-line, and it is delivered directly to your computer almost instantaneously in electronic format. You can then view it on your computer, or print it out if you prefer.
Because e-books are so easily delivered, if you register your e-mail address when you buy Homeowner's Guide to Hiring a Contractor, you will be sent the next updated version FREE OF CHARGE. Just check off your preference when you are filling out the other purchase information.
What is PDF?
The initials stand for Portable Document Format, and signify a type of electronic document produced by the Adobe Acrobat program. Documents in this format can be viewed on any computer exactly as they were intended, and cannot be altered. Reading them requires a program called Adobe Acrobat reader, which can be downloaded free by clicking on the button labelled “Get Adobe Acrobat Reader here” after you order on the download page.
Why should I pay for a booklet, when there is so much free information on the Web?
There certainly is a lot of information on the Internet– a little bit here and a little bit there, much of it disjointed, confusing, contradictory or downright wrong. It took me 20 years of hands-on experience, hours and hours of extra research, then weeks of writing and editing to produce this e-book. Much of what is inside, you might be able to reproduce by searching on the Internet and organizing it yourself. Let me know how long it takes you. Divide that into $11.95, and we'll know what you are worth per hour. (Just kidding.)
But seriously, some of the wisdom contained in this book, has cost me more to learn, than I would make selling a thousand copies. I’d like to save you from similar mistakes. If you don’t find a single idea in this book that saves you ten times its price, let me know and I’ll happily refund your money. (If you find ideas that save you one hundred or one thousand times the price of the book, could you send me a little extra?)
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