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Homeowner's Guide to Hiring a Contractor has been receiving enthusiastic response from readers of all types-- both those in the renovation business and ordinary homeowners.

Less than two months after its publication, the first edition of this book (titled “How to Find a Good Contractor) was featured on Bob Vila’s website. They commented, "Whether looking to hire a contractor for basic repair, renovation, or new construction, Zavitz’s work extends valuable step-by-step advice on every aspect of contractor-homeowner relations—from locating and hiring to overseeing the work to assure a job done well."

Following are excerpts from comments received from readers:

“This book came at a great time - we were choosing a contractor for a major house remodel. The book is great. I found the questions to ask the contractor and references particularly useful. My gratitude to [you] for making the book available.”

Belmont, MA

"I knew what I wanted done but was really uneasy about finding the right contractor to do the job. Am I getting the right price? Am I protected if things go wrong? Does the contractor even know what he or she is doing? Will I lose sleep with worry for the two weeks required to do the job? Your book helped me to find and hire the right contractor and to proceed with confidence with the work. And I got the finished results I wanted. I'd heartily recommend both this book and the contractor it helped me to find!”

Toronto, Canada

“I downloaded a copy of his book for my reference library. I thought it very well written; thorough, concise but an easy, understandable read for anyone. This, or something similar,should be included in the (rare in this area) information packet for each new homeowner. I intend to tell all of my clients who need remediation about it, in lieu of directly recommending contractors. Thank you again for this excellent booklet.”

Dayton, Ohio

“I wanted to drop you a note to tell you I was very impressed with your site. Being responsible for the physical plant for over 20 studio and transmitter locations . . . let me tell you, I had no doubts that you knew what you are talking about, and I could trust your guidance. Very reasonable price, and . . . full of solid information. Very well done.”

J. H.
Montpelier, Vermont

“Why didn't you tell me all this three years ago!”

M. Z.
Author's sister

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